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Objectives of environmental-oriented activities of PJSC Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant are to regulate relations between society and nature in an effort to conserve natural resources and natural habitat of human, prevent environmentally harmful impact of economic operations, revitalize and improve natural environment. In our work we tend to comply with the principles ensuring environment preservation as much as possible– it means to work on reduction of production cycles negative impact on environment and rational use of natural resources. 

In 2010 the Environmental management system of the plant was audited according to the international standard ISO 14001:2004.

In 2010 expenditures of PJSC Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant for environmental measures amounted to more than 3 mln. UAH:

  • a new separation line with absolute filter unit was put into operation at the area of flux preparation that excluded pollutants emission into the air and permitted to eliminate 4 sources of emissions;
  • induction heating system of pipes was put into operation at PWSh-4 and gas heating furnace was put out of operation, emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases (generated during natural gas burning) into the air was reduced.
  • integration project with AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS permitted to increase the volumes of waste transfer in the form of recycled materials which can not be used at the plant; 
  • 6446 UAH was spent for enterprise planting with trees.

Such approach allowed the company to reduce harmful substances emissions into the air by 49.06% in comparison with 2009. At the plant waste formation was reduced by 30% and the volume of waste disposal on the factory area was reduced by 84%.