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To maintain a stable position as a leader in pipe industry, the company constantly carries out targeted investments into state-of-the-art technologies and consecutive modernization of the production. Only in 2009-2010 the investment volume to the technical reequipment amounted to approximately 48.7 mln. UAH.:

In 2010 the technical reequipment and modernization of plant’s main and auxiliary shops was performed:

  • new induction complex was installed at the Pipe Welding Shop No. 4 for pipe heating before three-layer anticorrosion coating application. New equipment made possible to improve qualitative indices of pipes heating and reduce power consumption;
  • works on the first stage for production process recording and visualization have been performed in the main shops of the company. Projects realization permits to record production processes on a base of existent automated control systems with automatic collection and reflection of all necessary production and current information about performance, cycles, operating modes and downtimes of production units;
  • steel pipeline for industrial water was replaced that permits to reduce risks of production units emergency stops and minimize industrial water losses;
  • the major part of works on reconstruction of the main step-down substation No.1 was carried out with replacement of separators equipment for sulphur hexafluoride switches and modernization of automatic and protection relay panels that makes possible to guarantee the reliable electric power supply to consumers and prevent transformers possible breakdowns; 
  • assembly operations of hydrostatic tester equipment (UNIVELD Mashinenbau GmbH) for testing of 508-1422 mm diameter pipes with wall thickness of 6-40 mm were performed. A new equipment permits not only to expand the product range but also offers the possibility of the quick change-over of all devices with minimum consumption of time and resources for manufacture of pipes with another types and sizes.

In 2011 implementation of investment projects is continued. Direction of activities - quality of manufactured products. Stock of the testing equipment of plant’s central laboratory will be upgraded that will allow us not only to fortify our positions, but also to extend the sale market: 

  • modernization of transfer devices at the hydrostatic test area;
  • modernization of PWSh-4 transfer devices and machines for simultaneous anticorrosion coating application on 3 and more than 3 types and sizes of pipes;
  • upgrading of NDT equipment complex (USI of base metal along the pipe ends, magnetic particle inspection and X-ray television inspection);
  • bringing the quality control equipment into line with standards requirements;
  • program for development of weighing systems of external and internal cargo traffic;
  • installation of transfer devices automation system at the degreasing areas of PWSh-4;
  • installation of the modern control and monitoring system of pumping stations at PEWSh-2;
  • installation of the automation system for transverse transfer devices at PEWSh-2 .

One of the strategic goals of KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT is customer orientation and creation of maximum favourable terms for him during products purchase and use. Professional skills improvement, mastering new technologies, products quality increase - is the integral part of our activities.