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Culture and sport

Formation of healthy lifestyle of the personnel is a significant strand of the social policy of PJSC Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant. Olympics of Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant including more than 10 kinds of sport is yearly held on the base of Sports Palace. Summer tourist gathering is very popular among the employees and it is held at the plant over 35 years. All plant subdivisions – just about 10-15 teams – participate in tourist gathering. The age of competitors ranges from 20 to 45 years old.

In October 2009 Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant took the lead in establishment of Fan Club "Shakhtar-Azovstal" chapter which is among the leading fan organizations of Donetsk region. At the moment, the visits of FC Shakhtar matches at the world-class Donbass-Arena stadium by Khartsyzsk fans, arranged by Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant, became a heart-warming tradition. In addition to football visits Fan Club also organizes various sport events for its members: futsal, billiard, darts, checkers and chess competitions. 

In March 2011 PJSC KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT started to realize the corporate social program Development of football for children and youth. Football school of KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT for children was established on the basе of Sports Complex Trubnik. In the near future we’ll be proud of young football players’ victories.

Volunteers activity and charity

The Union of Young Specialists of Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant and Women's Association of the plant hold activities on fund raising among plant employees to purchase presents for inmates of the orphan asylum for minors and organize different plant events.

In April 2010 the Union of Young Specialists of Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant has initiated an environmental campaign Let’s plant our beloved town, under which the town has got a new park - Park of generations, where about 140 small trees were planted within a year. From now on the employees of Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant will continue to plant the greenery in the park.

On personal grounds of plant employees 1 kopeck is deducted, on a monthly basis, from the salary out of each earned 100 UAH. These funds (along with the funds provided by plant management) are credited to Veterans Council account and are used to render monetary pecuniary aid to plant veterans and retired employees. 80 542,39 UAH were raised within the program Working kopeck in 2010. The funds were used for providing financial assistance to the veterans.

For several years Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant provides systematic sponsor support to the plant public organizations: the Union of Afghanistan Veterans and the Union of Chernobyl. Out of allocated funds the pecuniary aid is rendered to bereaved families; combatants and liquidators of disaster working for the plant are provided with funds for medical treatment, children education, and etc.