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Continuous improvement

Lean enterprise is a complex approach to solution of problems, existent at the production, arrangement of processes where less sizes of areas, less materials, time and labor costs are required at all manufacturing process stages. This is a system of actions for losses reduction along with customer satisfaction and it is a fundamental passport to success for achievement of high results in all spheres of activity.

KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT is the first company among Ukrainian enterprises of Metinvest Group which started to implement Lean enterprise program. Currently the project covers two main production shops – PEWSh-2 and PWSh-4.

The program has started at KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT in 2010. At the present moment the plant successfully implements its tools: 5S, TPM and SMED. Also within the program the visual control and proposal submission system were implemented at the plant, continuous improvement teams were created in the main production shops.

During Lean enterprise implementation the positive results were achieved at KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT almost in all spheres of company’s activities:

  • production culture was increased;
  • workplaces and system of equipment maintenance are improved;
  • production performance are visualized;
  • working capacity and productivity of equipment is increased.

5S – is a system of work place setting in order which permits to increase the efficiency and controllability of operating area to a significant degree, improve corporate culture, increase labour productivity and save the time. This is the first step towards Lean enterprise creation and usage of other program tools.

TPM – a system of total productive maintenance where operators and maintenance personnel who ensure the increase of equipment reliability work together. 

SMED – reduction of time for equipment change-over, tool change and increase of production system flexibility.

Visual control - means of visual control which significantly simplify the work and increase the performance. It helps to make the problems visible, control the situation at the workplace constantly, make the objects for improvement clear (to determine the visual target). In doing so both current results and targets always are visible in equal measure.

Continuous improvement teams – a team of plant’s workers regularly meet on a voluntary basis to identify problems, affecting the production efficiency and products quality, and formulate proposals for their elimination. Continuous improvement teams of KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT have started their activities recently but they have already begun to develop the proposals for improvement in active way.

Proposal submission system – oriented to stimulate participation of all employees in the process. It has been started at KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT since February 21, 2011. The main focus of employees’ developments – increase of manufactured products quality, reduction of costs, elimination of losses and also improvement of occupational health and safety.