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Today the energy saving problem is a global one - rational use of natural resources and efficient consumption of electric, heat energy have the paramount importance. On commercial scale the energy saving is one the key factors of effectiveness and guarantee of successful production activity of the company. 

KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT pays a lot of attention to this issue. Since 2002 the energy saving commission has been working at the company, the main target of which is to identify the most significant energy consumptions at the production and optimize them as much as possible. Constant monitoring is performed over the developed programs which action is directed to the exclusion of irrational use of all types of resources.

Among the principal activities of PJSC KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT in the sphere of energy saving there are the following: 

  • analysis and development of administrative and technical measures focused on energy saving;
  • continuous monitoring of efficient and economical use of power resources at shops and subdivisions of the plant;
  • analysis of unit costs of power resources for pipes manufacture. Development of efficient specific norms for power resources consumption;
  • organization of power resources consumption records. Creation of the automated accounting system for all types of power resources;
  • preparation and implementation of the energy saving program;
  • implementation of innovative energy saving technologies instead of existing power-consuming plant operations.