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The Modern Educational Facility is Opened in Khartsyzsk Comprehensive School No. 3

25 December 2014

The new modern educational facility called “Welcome, first-grader!” is opened for the smallest pupils of comprehensive school No. 3 in Khartsyzsk. Using this facility the children will be able to adapt quickly and effectively to the learning process. The idea of creating the Centre is supported and financed by KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT of Metinvest Group.

The project has been brought to life by virtue of the “We Improve the Town” competition of Metinvest Group. Teachers note that the first year of the child at school is the period, when he or she habituates to new environment, new collective. Therefore, within the project the teachers of comprehensive school No. 3 set a goal to provide conditions for successful adaptation and full development of first-graders and future schoolchildren.

The rooms of the Educational Centre called “Welcome, first-grader” are capitally repaired and divided into several developing zones. One of them is an educational space where the new furniture, an educational magnetic board, a modern TV is installed. Here the children will learn to read, write, draw and create. For active recreation sports and health and play zones are equipped. Children can play in the dry basin with balls, jump on soft modules and run on massage rugs. Having a rest with advantage for themselves, children collect construction kits, play board games, and compose mosaic and puzzles. The light tablet for drawing using sand will help for future first-graders to expand perception of surrounding world. The “Skilled Hands” zone is equipped for an exhibition of children’s hand-made crafts and drawings.

“It is quite difficult for child at six to sit down at a school desk. So our Centre promotes development of thinking, memory, motility of hands and physical opportunities of future first-graders using the game techniques. We’d like children to go studying with pleasure and to learn all basics and wisdoms of school. This project became possible thanks to KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT and Metinvest. And we appreciate them for the help!” – Olga Pavlovna Zabava, the deputy headmaster for curriculum and discipline of comprehensive school No. 3 mentioned.

New Educational Centre called “Welcome, first-grader” became a powerful contribution to development of elementary school. Children attend classes with pleasure, and parents of first-graders have already managed to estimate advantages of the new facility.

“My child enjoys this wonderful center for first-graders! Here he receives a huge amount of information and knowledge. Most importantly, the child can show himself, can play and develop. Thanks to the new class any first-grader can easily adapt to school” – Tatyana Yablokova, the mother of first-grader of comprehensive school No. 3 says.

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