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KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT modernizes the town

1 October 2012

Thanks to Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant of Metinvest Group and with the support of town authorities the additional space, where Khartsyzsk natives can have the rest, “Park of Generations” has appeared in this town. The project has been implemented by KHARZYZSK PIPE since 2010 in cooperation with the territorial community and as a part of the infrastructure development in Khartsyzsk. The total investment from KHARTSYZSK PIPE in the project is about 600 thousand UAH.

So, there was the formal opening ceremony of the “Park of Generations”. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the plant management and Khartsyzsk Hall and invited guests.

Looking back the laying of “Park of Generations” and bedding nurslings took place on April 17, 2012, during the ecological move to the Day of Natural Environment Protection. Now the territory appears as a welcoming comfortable picturesque corner of Khartsyzsk. The territory of the park area is decorated with the hammered arch and concrete guard rail, which is fronted with building tile, alleys are lined with paving slab. There are benches and lights for having a good time in evenings. The park provides playgrounds for children’s leisure activities.

"Equipping with modern amenities of seating areas and ecological projects is those priority directions that Metinvest Group plans to invest on permanent basis. We are sure that this corner of city will certainly become one of favourite resting-places of townspeople. Thus, justifying the name ("Park of Generations"), for habitants of all generations - people of different ages and professions", - General Director of KHARZYZSK PIPE Iurii Zinchenko comments.