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KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT Has Maintained the Project “Luminous Town”

19 September 2012

As a part of the corporate social program of Metinvest "Town by our hands", Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant has finished implementation of the project "Luminous Town" combined with the municipal enterprise "Hartsyzskgorsvet" in Filatova street.

Implementation of the project "Luminous Town" in the area of 3.3 km in Filatova street has allowed fulfilling replacement of steel wires for aluminum ones in areas of the power lines where a large voltage drop occurs. Make installation of the aerial cable in area 1.5 km where there is no outdoor lighting, 18 lighting fixtures with ecologically friendly and less energy demanding lamps which have higher light output. In total, 55 new lighting fixtures have been installed in Filatova street. Also, a point of shutdown and control over the project operation is being mounted within the scope of the project. This point is controlled by a computer from a central control desk via GSM communication. The total project cost is 100 thousand UAH., grant of KHARTYSZSK PIPE to implementation amounts to 50 thousand UAH.

"The joint project of KHARTYSZSK PIPE and municipal enterprise "Hartsyzskgorsvet" will ensure creation of favorable conditions for citizens. In addition, replacement of lighting along the town street is a pledge of safe passage for motorists and reduction of the number of accidents involving pedestrians. The fact that the project "Luminous City" will reduce power consumption and improve management and control of street lighting operation is also important”, Yuriy Zinchenko, Director General of KHARTYSZSK PIPE, says.”