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Investments in Making Healthy оf Employees of Metinvest

17 April 2012

In 2012 KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT of Metinvest will send more than UAH 2.85 million for organization of summer family rest of employees of enterprise and organization of leisure of their children in health centers.

«Zdravitsa Plus», Ltd will provide organization of summer rest and leisure of pipe plant workers. Family rest in the best health-resorts and resort zones of Ukraine at the Azov and the Black sea shores will be organized for workers of KHARTSYZSK PIPE. Child’s leisure will be organized in the summer health centers of Svyatogorie and at the Azov sea shore, where about 150 children will be able to rest and establish health. KHARTSYZSK PIPE plans to direct UAH 250 thousand on making healthy of children in child’s health centers.

Also the employees of plant have the opportunity to pass treatment in a sanatorium — preventorium «Trubnik», where the workers of enterprise get the wide spectrum of physical therapy procedures in off-work hours during a year. Annually child’s arrivals are organized on the base of plant sanatorium — preventorium where the children of pipe plant workers will be able not only to establish health, but also to take active part in cultural events. In May of current year a sanatorium — preventorium will celebrate its 25-years-old anniversary.

KHARTSYZSK PIPE acquires tours to the specialized sanatory establishments of Ukraine for workers of risk group because of their health conditions and having chronic diseases for passing deep treatment and prophylaxis of diseases. This category of personnel is provided with tours during the year.

«One of social priorities of Metinvest is investments in making healthy of workers of enterprises and members of their families. Investing material supplies in making healthy of personnel, Metinvest, by that, attracts the best skilled specialists to the company, creating the internal atmosphere of stability», — a director on personnel and social questions Roman Tsukurov marks.